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Throughout 32+ years in law enforcement Gary was committed to serving his community and upheld the mission of the Towamencin Township Police Department:


Enhancing the quality of life through the protection of life and property, resolution of conflicts, and by providing a feeling of safety and security within the community.

Before Sgt. Wacker retired from the Towamencin Township Police Department in 2017, he truly embodied the values and pledged everyday to:

  • Protect the lives and property of our citizens and impartially enforce the law.

  • Display pride in the performance of our duty and in our service to the public.

  • Maintain integrity in our duties and with the people we protect and serve.

  • Have the courage to act in an unbiased, unprejudiced, fair, and equal manner to all…even in the face of adversity.



Sergeant Gary Wacker,

Unit Supervisor,

Technical Services Unit

Responsible for forensic evidence processing, evidence management, and warrant management. Specially trained civilian personnel carry out these functions working side by side with police officers, thus freeing up more time for sworn officers to conduct investigations and law enforcement activities.


Sergeant Gary Wacker,

Unit Supervisor,

Criminal Investigations Unit

Responsible for major criminal investigations, crime scene processing, criminal intelligence, applicant background investigations, administrative/internal investigations, and the investigation of juvenile crime.


Sergeant Gary Wacker,

Unit Supervisor,

Drug Task Force Operations

 Towamencin Township Police Department actively participates in the Montgomery County Drug Task Force.  Officers are sworn as Special County Detectives allowing them to conduct drug investigations across individual municipal boundary lines to maximize resources and to decrease the availability of drugs in the community.


Recognition, Commendations, Awards

 Sgt Gary Wacker was a highly decorated law enforcement officer, he received numerous merit awards, commendations, and special recognition for his commitment to protecting and serving the community.  Here are just a few highlights in his stellar career as a community servant:

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