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Memories of Gary

Until We Meet Again....

Those special memories of you

will always bring a smile

if only I could have you back

for just a little while

Then we could sit and talk again

just like we used to do

You always meant so very much

and always will

The fact that you're no longer here

will always cause me pain

but you're forever in my heart 

until we meet again.


1964 - 2021 

We look forward to reading your special stories and memories of our Dear Gary below:


How did Gary impact your life?

We are comforted by the impact that Gary had on so many during his wonderful life.

Use this forum to share a special memory or story big or small, sad or funny of our Dear Gary.  We will compile these stories and refer back to them smile, to cry, to cherish the memories of a man that meant so much to us all.

Thank you.

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